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Chanyeol - He feels insecure

 Your eyes shot up from your book when you heard Chanyeol let out a very loud groan. You were always dragged along whenever he wanted to practice, so you just sat in the corner with a book and a drink whilst he perfected whatever he needed to.
“‘Yeol, maybe you should just take a break. You’ve been practicing for 3 hours non-stop now..” You pointed out. He shook his head. You sighed and walked over to him. You put your hands around his torso and nuzzled his back. He spun around.
"Why are you doing this anyway. We were supposed to be home an hour and a half ago." You asked. He let go of you and sat down by the wall. You followed him and saw how disappointed he looked but yet you couldn’t put your finger on why. So he explained.
"It’s not just my dancing. My voice is too deep, I mess up the group’s heights so when I stand with just the 6 guys, I look out of place. I make a fool out of myself all of the time. Why am I like this?" He sulked.

You didn’t like it when he spoke about himself like that. He;d only done it once before and he managed to work himself into such a state he turned into a pregnant woman, sitting on the couch with a tub of ice-cream to himself. You looked at the way he was staring at the ground.
"Your voice is charming." You said quietly. He purposely ignored you.
"It doesn’t matter if you make a fool out of yourself.  Everyone does, it’s why people love you." His head raised very slightly. 
"Yeollie.." You nudged him. He lazily looked up to you.
"I like your height." You told him with a smile. He bit his lip in order to try and keep his ice cold glance. You knew what he was doing.
"You have to say those things, you’re my girlfriend. It’s practically law." He nudged back, his smile escaping. You shifted closer to him.
"Doesn’t mean they’re not true." You said whilst you looked into his eyes.
"You mean it?" He asked, not breaking the eye contact.
"Every word!" You said enthusiastically. Chanyeol pulled you onto his lap, your legs straddled his waist whilst his hands kept your back straight.
"You always have the right things to say." He complimented before kissing you. You smiled mid-kiss.
"I know." You breathed against his lips with a smirk. He let out a small chuckle and continue the kiss.

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